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Power Bank

  • Power bank Make up
  • Power bank Make up
Power bank Make upPower bank Make up

Power bank Make up

Main Features:

1) Mirror to Your Beauty

It is a good helper for your party and date. You can show your best to others with it.

2) LED Display

The 8 pcs LED provide a clean and bright reflection when you need it, even in the dark night.

3) Foldable mirror

This is a foldable mirror, which enables you take it anywhere.

4) Double side mirror

Mirror comes with 2 sides, one is normal flat mirror, the other one is 2X magnification mirror. It gives you more choose.

5) ON/OFF Switch

This mirror comes with ON/OFF switch, it is very simple for you to use it. When you do not need lights, pls turn off to save electricity.

6USB charging cable

USB charging cable is more popular .

7) 3000mah Power bank

This mirror is also a power bank with 3000mah capacity, it can charge your mobile 1.5times.


1x Makeup mirror

1x User manual

1x USB cable

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